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Clan News Update

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Clan News Update

Post  Munkey on Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:29 pm

During some recent events, Ex. Clan member sakura was banned for just reasons. After having a Meeting with Clan Leader Dragon of the Dragon Force clan we will be unbanning sakura.

For now do not make any hasty remarks towards sakura (aka DD), if she cuases any problems on the server; Talking poorly of TBC, harrassing Clan members, or any other crud activity, Please come to me. This goes for MOD's and FULL ADMINS aswell. I will handle it personally

Also, please leave -S|S- Josh alone, if he talks back gag him. If he persists then kick. Making fun of an 8 your old child wont be tolerated, ignore him, like a said if he acts up MOD's and Admins are allowed to gag him. I wont allow anyone to bully this kid, mainly becuase he is a kid. I have my reasons all im asking you all to do is ignore him, thank you.

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